Sagamore Spirit

Sagamore Spirit Cask Rye Strength Whiskey - 750ml


Fueled by Maryland’s great veteran distillers, we forged a new path to define cask strength rye whiskey. There are no shortcuts here; no dilutions or alterations – simply a splash of spring water and a time-honored tradition of patience and purpose. Aged fully, and exploding in color and flavor, it’s a spirit that connects us to a storied past only Maryland Rye Whiskey can claim. These are our deepest roots, distilled.


Aroma: Bold cinnamon with lingering aromas of clove and vanilla.
Palate: Smooth dark chocolate paired with intense notes of black pepper and brown sugar. A light hit of honey for balance.
Color: Dark golden hay, soft gold.
Proof: 112.2 (56.1% ABV)
Age: 4 - 5 Years

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