The Sexton

The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey 750ml

The Sexton Irish single malt whiskey is made in the heart of the North Coast of Ireland. Produced by Proximo Spirits this single malt is crafted from 100% malted barley mash and triple distilled through copper pots. The spirit is aged for four years in first, second and third fill Oloroso sherry butts.

After being blended by master blender Alex Thomas, who represents one of the few women in the whiskey industry, has over 13 years of experience under her belt. Thomas says "We're using classic Irish single malt techniques to craft The Sexton, with only three ingredients of 100% malted barley, yeast and water from Ireland. But what makes us truly special is our maturation process. We're purposely aging our whiskey for four years in carefully selected casks to create a fresh, new-style single malt which is bold in personality yet extremely approachable.”

This whiskey is extraordinary on the nose with sweet notes of marzipan, fruits, baking spice and aromas of nuts and dark chocolate. The palate is exciting and refreshing revealing honeyed, sweet notes of subtle wood and spice. You can enjoy this incredibly versatile Irish whiskey neat, over ice, or in any signature cocktail.

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