Stella Rosa

Stella Rosa Mascato Dasti 750ml


A beautiful and truly versatile wine, Stella Rosa Moscato D’Asti is suitable or any occasion, ideal for toasting. It is idea too if you are living with the Italian spirit and your occasion is simply to celebrate the day.

Produced in Italy using only the Muscat Canelli grape that is grown in the Asti region of Italy, Stella Rosa Moscato D’Asti once harvested and pressed is fermented in charmat-style, in pressurized tanks. Only when it has reached the desired sweetness is it centrifuged and bottled.

Semi sweet and naturally bubbly Moscato D’Asti is exquisitely refreshing with light and delicate flavors. The aroma is fruity and the taste sensation, coming as it does with the natural and bright bubbles is of honeyed drizzled summer fruits, peach and apricot fizzing on the tongue. The refreshing taste is followed by a clean, and crisp finish.

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